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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> and no way. we'll see you back here at 5:30. rob and cam, local 12 news, live at 5:00. a local mother found dead with her six-month old baby nearby. hear from the baby's father after being reunited with the father. >> you did what? you done? i said, yes. >> and he thought got away with murder >> and trump beats kasich in new hampshire. second best could be a good thing. how it could help ohio's governor campaign for the presidenciment this is local 12 news live at 5:00. >> 6-month old girl found unharmed near her mother's dead body reunited with the father >> someone shot and killed, brittany russel this morning, outside of an apartment complex.
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live from middletown, the baby was reported missing last night. larry. >> cammy, nearly 24 hours after little haven edwards was reported missing, she was reunited here today in middletown police headquarters with the father. the investigators say, her mother picked her up and took the child todayton and did not bring her home. this morning, little haven was found unharmed. the mother was found dead. not long before 6-month old haven was returned to her father, she was returned back in her harms. estranged girlfriend, brittany russel. assuring she will be returned later. that never happened. edwards twice called russel overnight. and edwards then contacted the middletown police. he said it was a stressful evening as he tried to find the
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>> and i was sick with it. sick with the stomach, having chest pains and all of that last night. i couldn't find my kid. . >> i'm happy she's home >> around 9:30 this morning, middletown police, they had found the body of brittany russel. found dead in the front of her car. young brittany was in the back seat but was unharmed. and coming at 6:00, despite the fact he was estranged from the child's mother, he plans to share memories with her. larry davis, local 12 news. >> police shared how she was killed?
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they are treating it as a homicide. police are trying to figure out exactly what happened. the car apparently was running in the parking lot for some time according to a witness. no doubt regrets, the child was inside the car. fortunately, little haven was not harmed. >> we will keep checking. right now police in dayton are not saying there's a suspect in brittany russel's death. >> driver who hit a teenage girl remains on run this afternoon. we have a picture to help find a person. police are looking for a 1998 blue honda cr-v with this, ohio plates, grw 2289. that car ran into a 15-year-old as she walked to school in avondale. she was in a crosswalk, at redding and glenwood. the girl was not badly hurt. if you could not help find the driver of the crv.
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at 352-3040. a level of violence that's hard to believe. local man, cut out the girlfriend's head with a samurai sword. locked up in sen tall kentucky. they say he attacked his girlfriend in a home in holliman avenue and covington. phillips is charged with assault and attempted murder. >> woman whose grandson died in a bathtub after she overdosed on heroin, will have six years in prison to think about her mistake. she cried in court. judge sentenced her after huff pleaded guilty of involuntary manslaughter, in the death of her grandson, killion. huff was baby-sitting the by. her husband came home and found
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the baby died two weeks later at the hospital. they spotted them running. today, the two suspected burglars face the judge. williams and samuel simms are charged. that's where they are accused of breaking into a house on cook avenue. officers from four agencies joined in the search for the pair. >> michael pruit thought he got away with the murder of kisha, and local investigators gave u.s. marshals in orlando three addresses. debra dixon shows us what that does for the victim's family. >> she saw michael pruit break in and shoot kisha's new
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boyfriend: polly's been waiting for the call that came yesterday. >> we got him: i am so thankful, thank you so much. >> kisha was 17 and 9-year-old daughter. >> thech him mike. what they call in florida, they say good. . >> maybe, got away with it. knowing he's in florida. because of the hard work i put in. >> cincinnati, fugitive apprehension team, says no one is off the grid. they use seshl media and called friends and family. : got new information on information that
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>> initially he lied what he was. was >> seeing pru it's mug shot gives him some peace. for a while, there's word he would come back. >> even though he's murdered right here in this house, both of kisha's daughter said they wanted to come back here to . >> in court, and i want him to see me and remember, you took a precious woman away. >> detectives flew to florida to bring pruit back here, the first step towards the justice,
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debra dixon, local 12 news, . >> good news, the snow showers are moving out >> snow is sticking out >> and good news and bad news. the cold is here to stay. it's here to stay for quite some time. right now, we're 17 degrees. looking live near 71. traffic is moving smoothly. and you could expect wind chills to dip below zero tonight and tomorrow night. and right now, we're tracking few flurries. areas mainly east, norwood to blue ash, seeing some flurries. we have light snow shower activity, northeast of owensville. through warren and clinton
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and north of lebanon. through highland county. snow showers from danville to fulsom. and flurries working their way, out of adams county. and few flurries and near brooksville, and will move out later tonight. temperatures will plummet. we'll tell how cold and how low the wind chills will go coming in 10 minutes. back to you. >> thank you.
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5:00, calling it . >> governor christy finished 6th. former technology executive, also ended her bid for the republican nomination this afternoon. >> big winners were donald trump and bernie sanders. another candidate, happy about yesterday's outcome, ohio candidate, jeff hirsh, sorts out the winners. >> we never have negative
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sell, to spend the time. >> never has coming in second, seem so much like coming in first. >> in new hampshire, the light actual tooly came the darkness. someone that was positive shocked everybody. . >> front-runner to derail the front-runner, donald trump. trump, billionaire and -- and sers, who wants, higher like donald trump. >> both tapping into the idea, the system is rigged. the average person doesn't have a chance anymore. >> xavier university, both sanders and trump have tapped into frustration, with establishment establishment. >> they both seem to the average
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>> we love the people of new hampshire. . >> working families, not just the one >> to be generous and sincere. voters look at the candidates, established officials. these people are looking at the speech. >> the truce, campaign. >> we're going to south carolina. >> and some point, we're going to the midwest, illinois, michigan, ohio, pennsylvania. >> remember the iowa caucus, winners, are hillary clinton and ted cruz. this thing is far from over. back to you. >> another day, another change, thanks very much. >> if it does end up, bernie sanders, after rang, nationwide
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by the way senator sanders will be steven colebert on the real show. >> real clear politics. >> and concern over the zika
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cases in the u.s. >> that's new informs on the fast-moving virus. it will grow to a significant number of cases in the u.s. >> as mark albert reports, they will press on emergency aid. >> and gave lawmakers on wednesday, a graphic description on the mosquito behind the virus. >> and in the course of one blood meal. it will spread disease quite quickly. >> and five at which are on tuesday. 80 percent don't show symptoms. virus is not linked to a rare birth defect. >> we're working around the clock, to find out as much as we
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do to reduce the risk of pregnant women. president obama has asked $1.8. can youing the disease program by 15 percent >> administering's disregard for the danger is inexplicable. >> they updated it to a level one status, to bring up hundreds more employees to work on combatting the virus. mark albert for cbs news, capitol hill. . >> focus tonight is on the cold weather. the showers, mainly in the east of cincinnati. we're going to feel like it's below zero. the cold will stick around for quite some time. and we'll see a few pieces of sunshine.
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kind of break apart from west to east later this evening. i expect from partial clearing to take place throughout the night. right now, east and north of cincinnati. norwood to blue ash, loveland, to mainville. southern warren county, seeing show showers activity, moving out of eastern county, through northern brown county. and few flurries in northern moore in clin to. south of hillsborough, we have a couple of sporadic snow showers, as well as areas in adams and central and southern brown counties. few flakes moving out of kentucky. the rest is pretty much done with the snow showers. and more snow to the west, this system will stay well to the south and west, kind of dive
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several hours. 16. and 17 for west union as well and 16 for thalmus. west. will still be breezy. and winds won't calm down until friday evening. these windchills will be brutal in the next few nights. it feels more like 4 degrees in cincinnati. the windchill, this gray or white line, is zero mark. it will feel like below zero. and it will feel like, 4 below by 6:00 in the morning. make sure you bundle up, great idea in the next several days in the tri-state. forecast, looks like 14 degrees
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degree. probably by 8:00. air temperatures will be by the lower teens. and next 24-48 hours, looks like this. we slowly start to see the clouds break apart. i expect to see cloudy skies. i'm a day ahead. we'll see some for thursday. the clouds will break apart and thursday, look a lot better. we just won't feel that great. enjoy it because snow returns for friday. scattered snow showers return on friday. and i'm worried, to see a couple of areas in the roadways that may turn shrink and snow. >> just be careful for thursday. light accumulation. 8 degrees tomorrow morning. 22-by-4. upper twenties by friday.
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lingering snow showers. it doesn't look like a huge deal. and it will be very cold. top out in the teens on saturday. larger system, moves in on sunday. we'll detail it in the next half hour. >> this weekend, it will feel
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heirloom passed down from here, open minds lead to broken boundaries. and when everyone around you is pushing you forward, nothing can stand in your way. and together, that makes us undeniably
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. >> a rare artifact that links lincoln. and it's a tool that dates back 188 years much the future president originally used it to set wedge the and logs. and the head split in half, lincoln decided to make it into a mallett. >> and that was the slogan, the republican party gave him, and essentially, the way that they introduce them to the nation, makes the artifact even more significant. >> the family and spencer county in southwestern indiana, held on to the heirloom passing it in the years. it will be on display, starting friday, which is lincoln's birthday. >> pretty cool. >> prepare your kids. frozen is coming to broadway. disney confirmed, the
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will hit the great white way. that's appropriate, isn't it? the opening will follow an out of town tryout. and that will be in the summer of 2017. the movie is oscar moving songwriter, set a new song, favorites. >> do you want to build a snowman. >> you thought the harry potter saga is done with. it's not a traditional book. it's a hard back version, harry potter and the cursed child. show opens in july in london. it will be released in a book the following day, harry potter's birthday. the book will be the first harry potter publication in eight years. ahead, local 12 news live at 5:30, it could have been worst. the toy that destroyed a million dollar mansion.
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>> she had a healthy lifestyle, ate well, exercise and yet still had a heart attack. now she's got an important message for everyone. we will share what she wants all of us to know. that's just ahead.
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new road project >> should rev up a pretty good project in the campbell county area. >> it could change the face of newport, could change the route of the 10k and marathon. >> good evening, the work is slowly starting of a road that will connect downtown cincinnati
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>> drivers, walkers, runners, will feel the impact, local 12, joe webb. >> and brad, this spring, road contractors will begin work, taylor bridge in newport. 4 lane road, connecting downtown, with ashland, kentucky. in the short term, will bring changes, going to red's games, and running in the flying pig marathon >> second phase of the route 9 project, connects the taylor bridge with a new road to the veteran's bridge going to covington. there's a round about in either end. >> the new road will have two lanes in each direction, bike lanes. it will open up a lot more connectivity in northern kentucky. >> the project's three phases
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the first phase is under way on newport's west side, opening up 20 acres of new development. the latest phase will run through the middle of the long dor manned, ovation project. hopes of renovation retail and entertainment. good by big daddy retailers. the motorcycle will also go away soon, to make way of the round about the. and right now, we're working with the event coordinators, the city of newport, covington, the police and we're in coordination with them, to see how we can manage through some of the events. there will be impacts. >> and the 2016 route has been certified since last september. kentucky has decided to work with the marathon this may, but
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to run around newport. >> we know now, we can do it. and you never want to completely redo your course and the course we have is actually a good one. it's highly rated by the . >> the flying pig has an economic impact about 10 million. much of that in kentucky. you could see there's compromising going onnd a compromising going on in may. the phase of the project, as soon as the weather gets nice, shoulding done in late 2017. so it will only effect the running of two marathon. more importantly, the road is going to open things up. it's going to provide a brand-new route from downtown to the airport, kentucky suburbs and vice versa.
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it's quite a route until you get it to the last stretch. >> it will be needed. joe, thanks very much. the phase of the project, will cost taxpayers, 8.7 hl. and who robbed a bank in port mitchell. take a good look at the pictures. this man went to the u.s. bank branch inside the renky store, orphanage road after 11:30. demanded money from a teller. officers say he matches the description of a man who held up a bank in er nation langer earlier this week. police believe he's driving a gray chevy malibu with ohio plates. concern for a westchester man who hasn't been seen in almost a week. police are trying to find eric pifly. he disappeared february 5th. about five feet, 7 inches tall and weighs 140 pounds. police say he has no access to a vehicle. anyone with information, is
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police department, 513-759-766867. shooting took place on sunday, in a hazel wood community. car crash followed and three people taken to the hospital with injuries. police say all the people involved knew each other and had connections to the neighborhood. officers called the shooting an isolated incident. they are trying to sort out details. and the first report into the investigation into the fire that killed a firefighter is now complete. and it doesn't provide much more information. the officials say they are waiting for an internal information to be complete before more details are released. that could be up to six months. the city's street car is on the way to town. it left el myra yesterday and it expected around 3:00. the rival, with some street closures. race street between finley and
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for about two hours, so it could be delivered. the street car system will be delivered to begin passenger service in september. it's ugly in wall street and the retirement investments, like 401(k) was heard in recent months. today, spoke to thomas hasse, how americans could have better retirements. he told me he's trying to get a change in social security, where it's not taxed for any income levels. he had strong words following testimony from federal reserve chairman, janet yellman. >> the answer is to get the federal reserve out of the economy. quit pressing interest rates to an artificially low level. if we had unreasonable interest rates, say, 4-5 percent, you could draw money on the certificate of deposit. today, you have seniors, who are having to cash in the certificates of deposits and actually spend the principal. they have no way to make interest income later.
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forced to the stock market, forced to buy risky investments that may not be there, when they need the most, later, when the health care bills start accumulates. >> and they will be posted under congress. >> today, ash wednesday is connected with lent. and they are placed on the forehead. those receiving them and they are told, repent and believe in the gospel. ash wednesday, a day of fasting. it gips the 40 day lent period and prayer. faulty air bags, forces more air bags. >> and local woman learned the
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>> it was a hoover board that . >> rocket launch near los angeles, shoots a spy to space. around 6:40 our time. the military flight was classified so no other details have been released. and germany's largest automaker, recalling hundreds
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and volkswagen, recalling, different model in the u.s. and they hold driver's side air bags. the inflater may rupture and metal fragments could pass through the air bag. recall includes several models, made between 2006 and 2014. volkswagen plans to notify all owners of infect ed ed -- aaffected about the recall. >> hovers could burst into flames. >> lithium batteries in the fit turbo, f-1 hover board, believed to be the cause the fire that burned down the million dollar mansion. the fire started on the first floor of the home, trapping two teens upstairs. broke the windows and the
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floor into her father's arms. >> i was telling her please jump. >> and kids suffered cuts and broken bones but the family survived the fire. . >> are we learning lessons. >> cold. >> and millennials and their money, way to keep track of the cash, could change the way they do business.
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. woman. >> and medical reporter, tells us during the national heart month, the message is such an important one. maybe it's such a destiny. julia loves nothing better than spending time in their own garden. >> raise that allows focus, protection, ease of access and winter foods. i've been growing year round for a couple of years. >> the garden is one step in her healthy lifestyle. she lives in an area of peace and tranquillity. she exercises on a regular basis and in spite of all of that, she had a heart attack. >> i was getting ready to go put
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couple of gentlemen, young men to help me unload the soil and get that going. and it was in the commute five minutes away, my lips started turning blue. : we arrived at the job site. i could barely articulate, i thought, we should right now, go to the hospital. >> she made it, but barely. after treatment. >> i have to stents. >> vowed she would help other women, about the not so obvious, early warning signs of a heart attack. she volunteers for the american heart association. >> her pain felt like a tightness. it was not necessarily excruciating. it was something uncomfortable and certainly fatigue. fatigue she never felt before. that's something a lot of people talk about. what woman -- i didn't.
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can't happen to me. look at me. i eat well. i'm active. i have no genetic disposition. it's been very humbling. i've learned a lot about the my vulnerabilityities. like a garden. we're all a working progress and still growing. >> i think when you have a near death experience, you sort of decide to live for myself. i don't want to say i live every mom as if it's my last. then again, i sure do. >> liz bonis, local 12 news. >> and we have a complete list, hover on the news tab and click on the get it now links. >> we have just a handful of school, church, business, changes based on the weather. you could find that list of closeings. click on the school watch banner, in case you have this evening.
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>> and at least to get rid of the snow tonight. more snow moves in for friday, a bigger system moves in for monday. and that's when i think we have some issues in the roadways. this friday, we may have a few wishes as well. let's deal with the flurries we have out there route now and the cold that's heading our way. right now, looking live from the atrium weather camera. this is on college hill. i have a few paebs of sunshine. the clouds have kind of overcast that. we'll continue to watch the clouds slowly break apart. sky. we will continue to see
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evening. downtown, it's pretty dry, in areas west of cincinnati. we're pretty much done with the snow tonight. that's great news. we have flurries and snow showers, through claremont county, owensville, fayetteville and a pretty decent snow shower now moving, south of lynchburg, southwest of fair view. that's going to continue to move through fair view. and just be careful if you're travelling out and about for dinner. not too bad in warren and -- few flying around hillsborough. georgetown, down to west union. none of this is going to cause additional issues. maybe some light accumulation with the legitimate snow showers that we have, to the north of adams county. we'll continue to watch these move east. we have some.
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st. louis. that will continue to dive south and stay well to the south and west of us. i don't want you to worry about additional snow, other than the flurries or light snow, showers we have there now. last time we saw high temperatures, january 18th. it was colder last month for a high temperature. 15 right now in liberty. 17 in harrison. checking in at 17 from the airport. hillsborough, good evening, to you. 15 degrees, mazeville sitting at 17 right now. even though the temperatures are in the teens, it feels more like the single digits by the windchill at 8:00. couple of flurries lingering in, 7:00, 8:00. temperatures will fall in the lower teens by 11:00. winds never really calm down too
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before we get to friday morning. it will make windchill values below zero. it will feel like minus 4, minus 5 degrees. get to the upper teens by noon and top out in the lower 20s tomorrow afternoon make sure you bundle up. friday morning, wind chills will be in the single digits. the temperatures will top out near 28 degrees. scattered show showers will be possible friday. be careful. some of the snow showers, will accumulate lightly in the roadways. it will be cold enough. anything that falls may stick and accumulate in the roads. temperatures will fall to 10. 19 for a high. the weekend will be super cold.
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like the accumulations will be likely.
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late snow showers and . >> breaking news now from maryland. that's where police have confirmed, two sheriff's
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restaurant in a shopping center in abindone near baltimore have died. the deputies were tar getted by the suspect. the suspect was also shot and killed. >> more than 83 millennials make up the generation. that includes the 80s into the early 2000. they have new approach to handling their cash that could disrupt the banking industry. >> 32-year-old, hasn't walked into a bank in years. >> everything is on-line. pay my bills on-line. money transfers and everything. >> more young adults, are finding less use. millennial expert, 30 percent of millennials don't have a checking or savings account. >> between their student loans and great recession and the crash of their parent's house and value, they have come
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distrustful of america's banks. . >> and they gave up debit cards and small loans. moeb payment services, allow peer to peer transactions. >> they don't see any purpose to the costs associated with banks, when so much could be done on line. >> you are not trying to maximize, so you're not putting yourself in the future. >> big banks need to pay attention. >> recent survey, millennials would rather go to a dentist than listen to a banker. >> daniel notting ham, cbs news. >> and true value of your
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the surprising price discrepancies. what you need to know before you buy. >> billboards are introducing people, to a group of young people. and i've had the privilege of knowing one of them, since almost they were born. rich jaffe, story you will only see on local 12 news, coming up. .
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>> good evening. everyone. a fact reunited with his baby daughter after a very scary night.
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